Why not catch a High Speed train to Paris then hop across the station to London via the incredible and cost-effective Eurostar train? It requires just 2 hours 15 minutes (at speeds up to 186 miles per hour) to travel from St Pancras in the heart of London to the Gare du Nord at the centre of Paris.

Tourist Map of the Uk

One of many British Light Houses – that one is in Northumberland
“This Sceptered Isle”

In case you live in the United Kingdom, then there are sound financial and environmental arguments for taking a vacation at home in accommodation somerset. With the pound so low then overseas holidays are looking increasingly expensive relative to a home grown holiday.

If you’re taking an English holiday then begin in London by all means but there are many British treasures that lie outside the M25 (the busy motorway around London). Britain has one of the most varied landscapes on the planet.

In the event you travel across the UK by car or train you’ll find the terrain is continuously changing from gentle hills for example the Cotswolds or the South Downs to the ultra flat Fenlands of East Anglia to the craggy mountains of Wales and Scotland.

But where ever you’re in the UK, you are never more than two hours drive from the varied coastline and Somerset B&B.

Some Great Reasons to See Britain!

The value of the pound gives unprecedented value for money
Massive number of activities and things-to do for all of the family
Amazing diverse and fascinating landscapes, compact countryside offering short distances between tourist sites and places of interest
Ease of accessibility from Europe — particularly from Paris via Eurostar.
Unique window on history with lots of World Heritage Sites, architectual treasures including Cathedrals, Castles Royal Palaces and Stately Homes
Pubs (Public Houses) offering unbelievable food, bed and breakfast
and hospitality at bargain prices and a wonderful place to meet the locals
Fabulous national parks and public gardens offering astounding walking opportunities and breathtaking views regularly for free
Many free museums and galleries including some of the very most renowned collections in the world
English spoken everywhere although you may fight a bit with some regional dialects
A comprehensive rail network. UK also has a great network of preserved canals. Why don’t you employ a barge and chill out?

Engaging a comfortable barge for a week and cruising the extensive UK canal system is a terrific method to chill out in the same time and see this Sceptered Isle!