Why You Should Visit Yorkshire

Yorkshire really does have it all. History and Secret. Legends and also the Mysterious. Breathtaking scenery. Cosmopolitan Citys. Country houses,Stately homes, bed and breakfast quantocks and more Castles than you are able to shake a stick at. Rugged coastlines or Bucket and Spade beaches. Wonderful Shopping outlets and Country Craft shops. Additionally, it has some of the people you can want to satisfy in the British islands, and is happy of its status for friendliness.

South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire is a metropolitan state in-the Humber and Yorkshire area, and is made up of 4 urban boroughs. Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and the town of Sheffield.

Located to-the east side of the pennines and land locked, south Yorkshire buts up against the boundaries of west and north Yorkshire. The riding of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Parts of Sheffield also lie within the peak district national park.

Three major rivers cross the place and they are the Rother, Dearne and Don.

Like all of Yorkshire there was plenty of interest, folklore and rich history attached to what used to be regarded as being a part of Yorkshire distinguished for its large business, particularly the steel foundrys of Sheffield and also coal mining.

Pre historical remains including a Mesolithic ” house” – a group of stones in the form of the hut base dating back-to 8000 BC, were discovered at Deepcar in north Sheffield.

There are lots of places to visit within south Yorkshire and these contain Brodsworth hall and gardens. Elscar steam railway. Howden moors. Monk Bretton priory. RSPB old moor wetland centre and Wentworth castle and gardens.to name but a few. Doncaster racecourse is also worth a trip and a bit of a flutter on the gee gees if theres a meeting

on. Sheffield – Metal City
Through the 19th-century Sheffield grew up about and acquired a reputation worldwide for producing metal. 2 of the Sheffield metal industry improvements were crucible and stainless steel. Coal mining was also another significant business. Now – a – days both over.

Anybody old enough (like me) to recall the films ” The full Monty” and ” Brassed off ” still two of my all time favourites will understand the battle the folk of west and South Yorkshire survived during the time of the closures, and the humor and pathos, not to mention true resolution and determination to pick them-selves up and get on with life. Were nowt if not hardy buggers in Yorkshire.

The twenty-first century saw many changes following the lean times when both of these important industries shut their doors for the final time.

Today Sheffield was fully redeveloped and is mentioned for its varied culture, art, entertainment,shopping facilities, nightlife. Along with the continuous growth of its own market.

Naturally there are pointers of Sheffields once mighty industrial past, and Tourist attractions include the Abbeydale industrial hamlet. A unique 18th century industrial works boasting the only living, integral crucible furnace on earth.

If you have somewhat of a thirst on theres also the Sheffield brewery company, where you are able to take a tour of the functions and understand how cask beers are created before trying a fall of real beer in the recently installed club.

In the event you believe Sheffield too professional for your style, you could always escape to-the exquisite accommodation somerset places available.

And, seemingly Sheffield has the greatest proportion of trees to people of any city in Europe. Perhaps its time to change the title from steel city to green city!!

Incidentally… Joe Cocker, the singer with-the voice comes from Sheffield also.

Sheffields Two Cathedrals
Saints Philip And Paul Cathedral – Church of England

The sight of today’s cathedral has been connected with worship and Christian use. The first Sheffield parish church was built here in the 12th century. However this church was razed to-the ground in 1266 during the second barons war against Henry 111. Another parish chapel was completed in 1280 but was mostly destroyed and rebuilt in

1430. Throughout the following centurys alterations and additions were produced like the chapel of St Katherine and the Shrewsbury chapel.

The cathedral has 13 alarms in total, for change ringing. Thurs night is training night for the ringtones and of course the alarms are rung every Sunday before the service begins.

Two fascinating and outstanding attributes of Saints Peter and Pauls cathedral are the lantern tower and the screen of swords and bayonets in St Georges chapel.

Cathedral Church Of Saint Marie – Roman Catholic

This Cathedral Church appears in a quite less prominent position than saints Peter and Pauls, however a big spire alerts you to its presence.

During the catholic emancipation during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Catholics were allowed to worship more openly, and so Sheffields Catholic believers bought an old house and built a place of worship in the garden.

Doncaster or ” Donny” as its known to locals, is created on a Roman fort built in the 1st century AD at a crossing point on the lake Don.

In the early twelfth century Doncaster became a possession of ” The Kingdom of Scotland” as part of the treaty of Durham, and the transfer is thought not to have been officially reversed.

Well Ill go tfoot of rstairs (Yorkshire speak for Im really amazed) And there was I convinced Donny was puddings, and as as Yorkshire parkin!!!

Doncaster became a busy town in the twelfth century and was granted national recognition with a town charter.

Some of the old structures and the main market stay now. But Donny has kept pace with modern living boasting new structure, an international airport, as well as the education city campus. The largest education investment of its kind within the United Kingdom.

Gardens and Brodsworth Hall
Situated 5 kilometers north west of Doncaster. Brodsworth hall is just one of the very most complete and nearly unchanged Victorian country houses in Britain.

The last resident of the corridor was Sylvia Grant-Dalton. Her late husband had struggled a losing battle for 5-7 years prior to his death against subsidence by coal mining and also a dripping roof.

When English Heritage took over-the hall in 1988 following Sylvias departure they decided to conserve the interior ” as found” rather than changing and rebuilding. This makes the hall unique in lots of ways because possessions that took over 130 years to accumulate still stay and contain fantastic pieces of furniture with the humblest of household domestic items.

The Victorian gardens were reconditioned, and also the hall now boasts tea areas, a kids play area, Illuminated night time garden tours, and for members only, enlightening garden tours conducted by the halls head gardener. As well as other attractions for example traditional car activities and shows.

There are also group concerts on Sunday afternoons, featuring some of Yorkshires top brass bands. Should you love music, you haven’t lived until you notice a correct Yorkshire brass band.it will blow your socks off. Yorkshire is celebrated for the quality of its own brass musicians and I can assure you won’t regret paying the entrance fee if you hear these guys and women perform. On Brodsworth halls website it suggests you take a picnic and a folding chair along with you, for the concerts its a good hotel.

For those interested in the supernatural. The hall is reported to be haunted by a ginger cat, and former citizens. The village chapel ” All Saints” which was built by Sylivias husbands family, is noted to be haunted by two elderly ladies wearing period clothing, who strategy the entrance to the chapel. Their footsteps can be heard, but then quit abruptly when the ladies dissapear into nothing!!